The Brenda Patch tournament was a great success both in the gym and in the concession stand.  Thank you to all of those that made food for the coaches/referees potluck or served food from the snack shack.  We took in $2387!

The next basketball game is December 13 and the Rams play Aspen.  This should be a huge game night with lots of locals there for the game and they might be hungry.

Only one person has signed up to support the snack shack.  Please take a minute and add your name if your schedule permits.  I cannot run the snack shack that night so we need help opening and closing as well. 

This is the last game for 2016 but don’t let that stop you from adding your name or school club to the rest of the season.

Go Rams,


Leslie Lamont

Booster Club

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