1. Why do I have to pay fees?
Art, wood, photography, and some science classes require extra materials for their class work.

2. How much are the fees?
Art and ceramic classes are $20 per semester. There may be extra charges for sketchbooks and other materials. Photography class are $15 per semester. Woods I is $30 per semester. This includes the price of wood. Woods II is $10 per semester. Cost of wood is additional. Advanced Woods is $20 per year plus the cost of wood. Chemistry II, Physics, Biology II, and Zoology are $20 per year. Athletic fees are $100 per sport up to a family maximum of $400 per year plus $100 uniform deposit.

3. Do you accept credit cards?
No. Cash or checks payable to RFHS is all we accept at this time.

4. Do I need to write a separate check for each fee?
Other than a separate check for the uniform deposit which will not be cashed unless the uniform is not returned, you may pay all fees with one check.

5. What if I qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch?
If you qualify for free lunch athletic fees are waived. Athletic fees are $50 for those who qualify for reduced lunch. You are responsible for all other class fees.

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